Our unique and proven approach

We use a specific roadmap to tackle the entire process in a structured and systematic way. This roadmap was developed after years of experience and countless sessions with different types of companies and guarantees an integral operation involving all stakeholders.
The use of this roadmap guarantees that each process is adapted to the specific situation, size, age and complexity of each cooperative.


Understanding and Expertise

Cooperatives are very specific companies. Companies owned by, run by, and on behalf of all their members. This requires a very specific approach. Working with cooperatives for a long time gave us this expertise.

Client Centricity

Customer focus is not an empty word for us. The sustainability of the cooperative and its members is key and our main focus. Our role is that of catalyst and empowerer of your process.

Focused on innovation

Innovation is a very broad term. It is essentially about thinking together about how we can adapt and prepare for the future so that both members and the cooperative stand strong in the market.

Result driven

We do not limit ourselves to giving advice, because we believe that advice does not go far enough and gives too little ROI. We support you in your process up to the implementation of your innovation projects.

1. Understand your challenge

We need to get to know each other. To sense your collaborative efforts so far and to agree on the level of service you expect from collaborating together.

2. Create a clear vision for a bright future

What are the themes that matter today and in the future. What will allow your cooperation and members to grow? This will be our focus while working together.

3. Build strong commitment

A collaborative project will stand or fall by the enthousiasm of the members. We need to get their buy in and cooperation.

4. Get things done. Work on innovation projects

  1. Get inspired by outside word (workshops, keynotes, visits, webinars, fairs …
  2. Translate ideas into our reality (workshops leading to business plan)
  3. Decide on project (business plans – board of directors)
  4. Develop project (project team)
  5. Test project results (test members)
  6. Implement throughout the cooperative (action plan for each member)

5. Keep the flywheel spinning

Our collaboration is coming to an end, while yours is started successfully. The goals are clear. However, we need to reflect also on the process itself. What are your lessons learned to continue our approach for your sustainable future?

Are you ready to create sustainable growth?


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