Unleash the true potential

of your cooperative

Together on the road to sustainable growth.

Every cooperative has the power to grow. To ensure a sustainable future for both the cooperative and its individual members. We know how to fuel that power. With our proven approach, we guide you through a goal-oriented process. From start to implementation.

Three magic words

CIC – Collaborative efforts for maximum impact


CIC – Innovative results for a future together


CIC – Collective goals concentrating on common interests


Our unique and proven approach

CIC uses a tested and substantiated method to get the most out of a cooperative. Our trajectories focus on both the cooperative and its individual members.

““What makes CIC so unique is that their approach does not only focus on the central, but also tackles the problems of the individual organisations.””

Koen Van WiemeerschBusiness Owner - Van Wiemeersch

collaborative innovation collective 

collaborative innovation collective 

collaborative innovation collective 

collaborative innovation collective 

collaborative innovation collective 

From survival of the fittest to


or not surviving at all...

Your first and central point of contact

Ann Lemaire is your first point of contact. She draws up the trajectories and engages the appropriate support. Even when she hands over the support to colleagues, she remains your central point of contact.

““For years now, Ann has made the difference within our organisation thanks to her hyper-personalised approach. On site or at the central office, everyone who has had the privilege to receive guidance or training from Ann has come out of it stronger than before and have meanwhile been able to take important personal and/or professional steps.””

Didier BogaertSales & Marketing Director - Meno Group

Ann Lemaire

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Are you ready to create sustainable growth?


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