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Welcome to the site of CiCC, your partner in …

Optimising cooperative relationships in your company.
  • What is the glue that binds the people in your teams?
  • How do you ensure a good information flow between departments?
  • How can you eliminate tension and solve latent conflicts?
  • What does your employee need from you? And the other employee?
  • How do you steer your people through necessary changes?
  • What is the best way for your manager to direct his team?
  • How can you shape new teams so that they can work quickly and efficiently?
  • How do you bring people together who are not established in the same department, city or even country?
“Cooperation” is crucial, on all levels of your company. “Cooperative relationships” come in all shapes and sizes: between two colleagues, team members, colleagues and their manager, departments or sites, in international teams, etc.

CiCC is an international Cabinet that is based in France and Belgium. We have over 10 years of experience and expertise in optimising these cooperative relationships within companies, both nationally and internationally.

We intervene to deal with   team cooperation
leadership & management
communication & conflict

We offer   consultancy
group training courses
individual and team coaching
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