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If colleagues are annoyed by the other’s way of working, if the communication between departments is strained or if a reorganisation is causing dissatisfaction and protest, no matter how insignificantly or seriously, you must react. It costs the company a fortune every time a manager spends time eliminating this type of tension. Not only are the workers who are involved far less productive but often the entire department’s efficiency is affected. It is like a giant gaper’s block that spontaneously materialises when a serious car accident occurs in the opposite direction…

C&C specialises in optimising these cooperative relationships within your company.

Our mission

To guide workers and managers, teams, departments and sites in establishing, improving and maintaining these cooperative relationships, both nationally and internationally, the main objective being to positively influence operating profit.


Here are some quotes reflecting our vision:

'Managers who achieve mastery do not look at their workplace from a merely structural and analytic point of view. They can also see it as a complex, dynamic system that is in a state of perpetual development…'

' Systems thinking is a systematic method to view things as a whole. It is a framework, inter alia, for seeing inter-relationships rather than matters in isolation… A method to see the underlying structure of complex situations...'

'Every type of behaviour is an expression of commitment. Even negative behaviour.'

'You cannot ‘not communicate’'

'Conflicts are two truths that just do not happen to fit in the same framework.'

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