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“Players win games, Teams win Championships” (John Wooden)

What turns a group of individuals into a team? And what turns a “team” into an “excellent team”?

The “Team” concept covers a great deal: Our unit, site, department, etc. But the goal of all “teams” is to help achieve company objectives.

“Why are we unable to solve this problem?”
“Why does this employee have so much negative influence in this team?”
“Why does an excellent team get embroiled in discussions that it does not seem able to get out of?”
“We have to put together a new team. How do we get all noses in the same direction?”
“How can we keep the ‘politics’ on the right track?

CiCC specialises in
  • putting effective teams on track
  • getting team cooperation back on track
  • ensuring that good cooperation stays on track in times of change
Teams are moving systems with their own dynamics. There are not only explicit rules but also a great deal of unspoken ones. These bring about patterns that have a positive or negative influence on the dynamics within a team. Understanding how this system works is essential, both to the team and its leader. CiCC supports managers in this and helps their teams gain insight into their own patterns. By aiming directly at the dynamics within a team and breaking negative patterns, we bring about change. Where necessary.

“Nothing is as powerful as a well-functioning team. They can achieve the unthinkable.
Nothing is as attractive as a winning team. We all want to be part of it ...”

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