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Methods: Consultancy & Coaching
Consultancy means transferring knowledge, expertise and experience.
Understanding generates movement. Managers, teams and employees will approach matters differently by way of their renewed knowledge.

“What basic conditions do you have to meet to establish good cooperation and to what extent have they already been met?”
“How can you have a positive impact on communication when you are in a managing position?”
“How do cultural differences influence cooperation within a team?”
“How can you ensure better cooperation between 'opposite’ personalities in a team?”

Our consultancy can be 1 on 1 but we also offer group training courses. Its content is determined in consultation with the supervisors.

Coaching provides managers, employees and teams with guidance to reach their own goals, to effectively apply knowledge gained and to make full use of the potential at hand.

“A team wants to organise its meetings better to ensure information flow, but for some reason its members always seem to fall back on their old habits.”

“A manager wants his team to take more initiative and responsibility and has made agreements about this, yet problems still end up on his desk as regular as clockwork.”

“A manager thinks that a woman on his team has been overreacting since reorganisation. Despite several attempts to explain the reason for the reorganisation, she does not perform new tasks spontaneously. She says that she has no time for them and there always has to be a tug of war before she gets to it.”

Together with the external coach you examine what the underlying factors for these issues are and why there is no change in the situation. We also examine how one can make full use of the existing potential. We look for the skills already present because we know that your workers and teams can make all the difference.

By alternating the input of Consultancy and Coaching, we ensure that our services are optimally tailored to the specific requests of each company and change trajectories can be implemented much better.
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