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The integration of a new colleague was hard. Since this is not the first such incident in this team and management wanted to avoid having to let go the new employee again, they opted for team coaching.

Optimisation of the cooperation between a French management team and the new English-speaking board of directors. Reorganisation, cultural differences and the fact that people spoke different languages spawned communication problems that the client wanted to eliminate.

Optimisation of the cooperation between two teams within the same company. Colleagues taking sick leave due to on-going tension, complaint filed for bullying at work.

Team coaching in a French company with Belgian management. Cooperation within the team was disrupted after reorganisation and communication with the Belgian management was difficult.

Providing support to a manager in leading his teams during a reorganisation of their department. Resistance to change.

A team thought that it did not have enough of a say in their head office’s decisions. Despite several attempts to discuss this issue, they received no response.

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