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Coaching managers - “Leading: a job in itself…”
People management, change management, situational leadership, open communication, conflict management, job descriptions, assessment and performance processes, personal development plans, etc.

This is the core business of HR managers. But other leaders and managers also come into contact with these matters, even though, at first glance, they seem to have little to do with their actual job description. We are talking about organising work, concluding contracts, keeping a department up and running, etc.

Through its specific way of working, CiCC ensures that a short and powerful trajectory can bring about major changes in the way in which you manage your colleagues and teams.

In the first stage, we help you understand your personal leadership style.
Every situation and every colleague are different and therefore require a different approach. By understanding your own behaviour and how you differ from others, you can adjust your interactions much more accurately to what the particular situation requires, which significantly increases your efficacy and influence.

In the second stage, we examine with you what leadership role you naturally tend to take and what roles you can develop to an even greater extent in your current situation. Effective leadership requires you to be able to take on different roles at different times. Because that is what makes up mastery.

CiCC guides managers in this process within their everyday reality. In all of this our keyword is pragmatism.
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