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Ann Lemaire: Personal Counsellor & Coach
  • Team coaching
  • Communication and conflict coaching
  • Coaching new leaders
Ann is a trained Bachelor of Medical Pedagogy and Master of Moral Counselling. She has developed a fair amount of expertise in the social sector.
She started out her career in an institution for mentally disabled adults and very quickly took on a leading position. She became responsible for two divisions and became a member of the Executive Board.

Her work in this specific setting provided her with some excellent expertise in terms of communication.
Communicating with people who on their own have a hard time communicating causes you to pay twice as much attention to the influence that you send out and how it is perceived by others. Managing conflict situations and aggression also requires delicacy and a ‘down-to-earth approach’.

Thanks to this experience, combined with more than 10 years of experience in managing positions and the many additional training courses (such as Coaching managers – Conflict management and mediation – Personal Management – Team coaching – Conflict coaching – Coaching leadership – etc.) that Ann has taken, she can help companies with accurate interventions.

Ann works both from the France and the Belgium office.

Patrick Taillaert: Personal Counsellor & Coach
  • Manager coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Communication and conflict coaching
Patrick started out his career as a Field Engineer/Computer technician. He steadily made his way up the ladder, to Country Service Manager, Technical Director Belgium-Luxembourg. He answered for the entire service organisation and he was the International EMEA Project Consultant in an American Global Company.
This career rewarded him with an enormous amount of knowledge and experience.
People management, change management because of the many mergers and reorganisations during his career, situational leadership, conflict management and open communication, job descriptions, personal development plans, assessment and performance processes: these are only a handful of the skills that he is familiar with.

In 2004 Patrick decided to employ the experience he had obtained, both personally and professionally, to motivate, support, coach and advise others individually or as part of a group. For this he immersed himself deeply in general, social and developmental psychology and backed up this knowledge further with management and coaching models and accents from other techniques, such as NLP an Troaching, type profiles, etc.

With this background Patrick brings a fair amount of concrete, no-nonsense expertise to the table.
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